Dragon Age II (2011/Full ISO/Spanish)

The story begins with Hawke and family (their mother Leandra and twin siblings Carver and Bethany) fleeing from Darkspawn after Ferelden's defeat at Ostagar. On the way, they meet and join Aveline Vallen and her husband, Ser Wesley, who was recently injured by a Darkspawn. After being surrounded by Darkspawn, a battle that claims the life of one of Hawke's siblings, Hawke and fellow survivors are rescued by Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. Hawke tells Flemeth that they will try to flee to Kirkwall, since they have family and an estate there. Flemeth decides to help them get to Kirkwall, in return for delivering a pendant to the leader of a group of Dalish living outside the city. During the talk, Ser Wesley is inflicted with the "corruption" of the Darkspawn. Either Hawke or Aveline is forced to put him out of his misery, depending on the player's choice. Later on, when Hawke finally arrives at Kirkwall, the city has closed its gates to Fereldan refugees. Hawke's uncle Gamlen admits that he squandered the family fortune and estate, but manages to convince several groups to bribe the city guards to let Hawke's party in, in return for a year of service to them.

Once the year has passed, Hawke begins looking for a way to get out of Kirkwall's slums as the family had at least one apostate (a mage that does not belong to a circle and is treated similar to a criminal) and the longer they remain in poverty, they may be in grave danger. Hawke delivers the pendant to the Dalish, which is revealed to have contained a piece of Flemeth as a contingency in case Morrigan (her daughter) killed her. She thanks Hawke for honoring their deal before leaving. Meanwhile, with some help from Varric and Anders, Hawke manages to take part in a Dwarven expedition to the Deep Roads led by Varric's brother Bartrand. While exploring the Deep Roads, the party stumbles across a Primeval Thaig, which contains an idol made out of pure lyrium. Bartrand steals the idol for himself and leaves Hawke, Varric, and the rest of the party to die. Fortunately, they manage to find a way back to the surface, as well as a vault full of priceless artifacts after defeating an Ancient Rock Wraith, a dwarven legend. Regardless of what happens, if Hawke's sibling is in the party either he/she is lost to the taint or he/she becomes a Grey Warden. If the sibling is not part of the expedition the Templars take Bethany away or out of pride Carver joins the Templars against his mother's will.

Three years later, Hawke is now extremely wealthy and famous thanks to the Deep Roads expedition. Hawke buys back the old family estate and continues adventuring in order to improve conditions in Kirkwall. Eventually gaining the trust of Kirkwall's leader, Viscount Dumar, Hawke is tasked to act as an intermediary between the people of Kirkwall and a group of Qunari staying in the city. The Qunari leader, called the Arishok, explains that he hates Kirkwall due to the city's corruption and lawlessness, but is forced to stay due to theft of an important Qunari artifact that he must recover (it is later revealed that the artifact was stolen by Isabela, a pirate and one of Hawke's companions). Meanwhile, Chantry extremists within Kirkwall attempt to promote discrimination against the Qunari as more of Kirkwall's citizens are converting to the Qunari's religion the Qun, but their attempts are stopped by Hawke. Tensions between Kirkwall and the Qunari heightens to the point where the Viscount's son Seamus, a recent convert to the Qun, is killed by religious fanatics seeking to stir public opinion against the Qunari, prompting the Arishok to invade the city in retaliation, igniting a battle that leaves many dead on both sides, including the viscount. With help from Knight Commander Meredith and First Enchanter Orsino, the leaders of Kirkwall's Templars and Circle of Magi respectively, Hawke defeats the Arishok and saves Kirkwall (although a fight can be avoided if certain conditions are met), gaining the title of "Champion of Kirkwall". During the events of these three years, tragedy strikes when the insane blood mage Quentin kidnaps and kills Hawke's mother Leandra in an attempt to resurrect his wife (an atrocity later revealed to have been condoned by First Enchanter Orsino).

Another three years pass, and despite the repulsion of the Qunari invasion, conditions within Kirkwall are not improving. Meredith usurps the deceased Viscount's position as unofficial ruler of Kirkwall, and her methods for tracking down and controlling mages become increasingly harsher. In order to protect themselves from the Templars, numerous mages begin turning to forbidden blood magic, which further inflames the Templars. Orsino also begins to encourage the citizens of Kirkwall to openly rebel against Meredith. These tensions finally come to a climax when Anders, angry at how the Circle of Magi allows itself to be oppressed by the Chantry and the Templars, destroys Kirkwall's Chantry, killing Grand Cleric Elthina. Hawke is given the choice of killing Anders for his actions, or allow the rogue mage to leave Kirkwall. Meredith angrily invokes the Right of Annulment (a decree that gives her the authority to exterminate all mages in Kirkwall, even though they played no part in Anders's crime) and a civil war breaks out. Hawke is then forced to choose to either side with the Templars or the Circle of Magi. However, despite Hawke's allegiance, the Champion will be forced to fight both Meredith and Orsino as the Mages are hopelessly cornered against the Templars who could not stop their advance. In desperation, Orsino resorts to using blood magic and turns himself into a horrifying Harvester Abomination, forcing Hawke to kill him. Meredith then reveals that she obtained the cursed lyrium idol from Bartrand after the Qunari uprising and forged it into a sword. The idol's influence has been corrupting Meredith with insanity ever since she usurped the city's leadership after the death of the Viscount, causing her to deem all of the Kirkwall Circle of Magi's members as corrupt, magic itself as a curse that must be cleansed, and eventually Hawke as an even greater threat to her power, worse than all mages. After killing Meredith, depending on whom the player sides with, Hawke can either become the Viscount of Kirkwall if sided with the templars or flee the city if sided with the mages. If Hawke flees the city, he/she does so with their love interest.

As Varric finishes his story, Cassandra admits that she must revise several preconceptions she had about Hawke, whom she is still determined to find. It is revealed that the events at Kirkwall have caused all of the 14 Circles of Magi in Thedas outside the Tevinter Imperium to rebel from the brutal injustice of the Chantry's Templars. With the Chantry in shambles and the Templars also rebelling, it appears that the entire world will be plunged into war. Cassandra asks Varric if he knows where Hawke is, to gain the support of the Champion's faction so they and the Seekers can convince both sides to make peace before it gets worse. However, Varric reveals that all of Hawke's companions (except the love interest) eventually parted ways with the Champion, whose whereabouts are unknown. Cassandra then leaves and meets with fellow Seeker Leliana, where they both stress the importance of finding either Hawke or the Warden, the Hero of Ferelden and protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins, since they are the only individuals capable of averting total war.

Dragon Age II (2011/Full ISO/Spanish)

Dragon Age II (2011/Full ISO/Spanish)

Dragon Age II (2011/Full ISO/Spanish)


Title: Dragon Age 2

Genre: Action, Rol, RPG

Language: Spanish

Size: 6.59 GB

Format: ISO

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