What is VR video 360?

What is VR video 360?VR video 360 is one of the most common formats at the moment, so in this article we will look at it in more detail.

Panoramic videos are videos with a viewing angle of 360 degrees . No detail can escape from the user who has launched such a video: he can easily look at his feet, raise his eyes to it, or calmly inspect the area.

There are several options for viewing panoramic videos:

- using a computer;
- via mobile phones or tablets;
- by means of VR equipment.

The main advantages of video in the virtual reality format over standard videos:

- attracting an audience;
- increased viewer engagement during viewing;
- the effect of presence inside the video sequence.

Creating a 360 video is best left to experienced professionals who have all the necessary equipment to eventually get an amazing result.

The use of 360-degree video technology has become particularly relevant in the field of education. The interactive 360 video can provide full interaction with the end user, so this method can be safely used to train specialists in various fields where a presence at the event center is required to gain practical experience. Video 360 technology allows you to analyze the teamwork of staff during a variety of tasks, which leads to an increase in the quality of the educational process.


Multimedia technologies 360 is a new promising direction that allows you to create high-quality interactive content in all areas of human activity.

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